- VERTICAL LINES - Pink and White Earthenware Hanging Planters

A perfect piece for the modern space, Half Light Honey hanging ceramic planters are perfect for all kinds of plants: fill with your favorite herbs in the kitchen window, trailing ivy, groupings of unique succulents, funky cacti, or colorful flowers. The plant hanger can be placed indoors or outdoors on a covered porch or just anywhere you need some vertical greenery with a totally unique aesthetic!


This design is made from pink slip on white earthenware clay, glazed interior, and a hand-carved "vertical line" design in the technique of sgraffito. Planter is more of a pale pink hue than photos appear.


Strung with USA-made all-natural hemp cord.


Each pot is one-of-a-kind work. The maker's hand is part of the process from start to finish for an heirloom-quality result. Created in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.


Lightweight, durable construction, and high-quality commercial materials for a long-lasting piece of functional artwork.


Measures approximately 5" x 5" x 3.5". Hand wash and replace natural cords as necessary.

- VERTICAL LINES - Pink and White Earthenware Hanging Planters